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1930 :: 2nd annual Academy Awards

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1930 :: 2nd annual Academy Awards hosted by Cecil B. DeMille are held at the Cocoanut Grove on April 3rd honoring movies released from August 1, 1928 – July 31, 1929. This ceremony marks the first occasion in which the famous Oscar statuettes are used. As the ceremony was

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being held more than eight months after the end of the eligibility period, it was decided that the 3rd Academy Awards would be held in November 1930, so as to bring the awards ceremony closer to the relevant time period. As a result 1930 was the only year in which two awards ceremonies were held in the same calendar year. The second ceremony included a number of changes over the first. Most importantly, it was the first presentation where the winners were not announced in advance. Additionally the number of categories was reduced from twelve to seven. The 2nd Academy Awards is unique in being the only occasion where there were no official nominees. Subsequent research by AMPAS has resulted in a list of unofficial or de facto nominees, based on records of which films were evaluated by the judges. The Divine Lady is the only film to ever win best director without a picture nomination, excluding the first year where there was an award for comic director. This is the only year where no movie won more than 1 Oscar.

    Hans Kraly, William C. de Mille, Mary Pickford, and Warner Baxter at the 2nd Academy Awards ceremony.

Outstanding Picture

  • Feature Productions “Alibi”
  • Fox “In Old Arizona”
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer “The Broadway Melody”
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer “Hollywood Revue”
  • Paramount Famous Lasky “The Patriot”


  • George Bancroft in “Thunderbolt”
  • Warner Baxter in “In Old Arizona”
  • Chester Morris in “Alibi”
  • Paul Muni in “The Valiant”
  • Lewis Stone in “The Patriot”


  • Ruth Chatterton in “Madame X”
  • Betty Compson in “The Barker”
  • Jeanne Eagels in “The Letter”
  • Corinne Griffith in “The Divine Lady”
  • Bessie Love in “The Broadway Melody”
  • Mary Pickford in “Coquette”

Art Direction

  • Hans Dreier “The Patriot”
  • Cedric Gibbons “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”
  • Mitchell Leisen “Dynamite”
  • William Cameron Menzies “Alibi” “The Awakening”
  • Harry Oliver “Street Angel”


  • George Barnes “Our Dancing Daughters”
  • Clyde De Vinna “White Shadows in the South Seas”
  • Arthur Edeson “In Old Arizona”
  • Ernest Palmer “Four Devils” “Street Angel”
  • John Seitz “The Divine Lady”


  • Lionel Barrymore “Madame X”
  • Harry Beaumont “The Broadway Melody”
  • Irving Cummings “In Old Arizona”
  • Frank Lloyd “The Divine Lady”
  • Frank Lloyd “Drag” “Weary River”
  • Ernst Lubitsch “The Patriot”


  • Tom Barry “In Old Arizona” “The Valiant”
  • Elliott Clawson “The Cop” “The Leatherneck” “Sal of Singapore” “Skyscraper”
  • Hans Kraly “The Last of Mrs. Cheyney”
  • Hans Kraly “The Patriot”
  • Josephine Lovett “Our Dancing Daughters”
  • Bess Meredyth “A Woman of Affairs” “Wonder of Women”

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