A Documentary Film by Camilo Silva


Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles

After68: The Rise and Fall of the Ambassador Hotel

Ultimately, this film will serve as historical and public record, but more broadly comment on the value of heritage conservation and the importance of historic preservation in contemporary urban landscapes in every community… 

Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles

Ambassador Hotel entrance sing in ruins

Once a shining star among the glowing city lights of Los Angeles , the Ambassador Hotel was a treasured landmark and an iconic symbol for both the city and the nation. After 68 is a feature length documentary film that examines historic preservation by exploring two divergent communities in Los Angeles in an emotional struggle over the future and demolition of the historic hotel. This film will recount the monumental history of the Ambassador as a historical and public exposé and more broadly comment on the value of the past and the importance of historic preservation in contemporary urban landscapes.

Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles

Post Card from the Ambassador Hotel

The Ambassador Hotel is a modern tale of Babylon, whose former glamour and glory slowly faded as the dynamic urban landscape of the surrounding city changed.  For decades, it was the center of cultural and civic life in Los Angeles, playing host to Hollywood Celebrities, countless dignitaries and politicians, and every US president from Hoover to Nixon.  In 1968, the Ambassador became the site of a tragedy that is forever remembered as a pivotal turning point in the American political landscape with the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.  Shortly thereafter the hotel began to fall until it finally it closed in 1989.  The fight for the future of the hotel began immediately after it closed becoming a lengthy issue that polarized the Los Angeles community and quickly sparked a debate regarding education and the historic preservation.  In an attempt to create a historical and public record for future generations to learn from, AFTER 68: The Rise and Fall of The Ambassador Hotel will use first hand accounts to chronicle the eroding past of the Ambassador Hotel and battle between the community at large.

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Ultimately, this unique film will demonstrate how the Ambassador Hotel’s rich history became the site of opposing cross-cultural divides, a struggle to define modern cities as multi-faceted urban centers, and the value of protecting our past as a means for us to define our future. The Ambassador’s story marks the irrecoverable loss of important human and social history, and as filmmakers we want educate the public about the value of protecting our past, and thereby ensure that the other Ambassadors of the world may be saved.

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